About Esskå

Esskå Metall is company based in Landeryd (SE). We are mainly a supplier in the heavy vehicle  and automotive industry . We strive to be one of the best companies to work with and therefore we have focus on quality and delivery precision. We provide a complete processing chain that can handle both high and low volumes with highly automated production lines.
Our machine equipment that can handle varaible of challenges. Here is a list for some of our machines:

  • Transfer fed pressline 3 Hydraulic presses 500 ton
  • Transfer fed pressline 3 Hydraulic presses 630 ton.
  • Transfer fed Hydraulic press 400 ton
  • Manual Hydraulic presses 150 – 400 ton
  • Transfer fed Eccentric press 250 ton
  • Automated Eccentric presses 40 – 250 ton
  • Laser scanning measure machine
  • Automated Spot Welding cells
  • Robot welding
  • Lazer cutting machine
  • Well equipped Tool Shop
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